Avoiding The Pitfalls Of “Customer Centric” Roadmaps

Avoiding the Pitfalls of “Customer Centric” Roadmaps

I often coach organizations to beware of having a customer centric roadmap, and when I first bring that up I receive a good deal of pushback. Actually, I generally get looks of astonishment or looks of regret that they brought someone that will advise that into their company. The comments are generally in the lines of “aren’t we supposed to be listening to our customers?” or “how can we not focus on what our customers need, we will lose them otherwise.” Here’s the deal, I never say don’t listen to your customers, that is absolutely critical. Your current customers have…

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You Have A Great Product…So What? Who Cares?

You Have a Great Product…So What? Who Cares?

Some of the best sales/marketing advice I ever received was back when I was making the most classic sales/marketing mistake known to man. In a few sentences someone taught me how stop and figure out how to really connect to a customer, and I believe that advice has been the key to my success throughout my career. They are words every marketer needs to live by. Many years ago I started what I feel was my real career when I became a Systems Engineer at HP. For those not familiar with the role, it is technical sales support. I was…

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Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan

Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

Last week I talked about what strategic marketing was all about- this week I review my perspective on how to create a great strategic marketing plan. So is Strategic Marketing just for start- ups? Absolutely not!  Every business should have a strategic marketing plan, for each product line, with a comprehensive go to market plan for each individual product in the portfolio. The strategic plan drives product marketing requirements, which in turn drive development implementation. The strategic plan also drives all company/product branding and positioning, product messaging, channel strategy and finally the tactical go to market plan (that Mar-com gets…

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Tips For Start-up Success (Marketing Focused)

Tips for Start-up Success (Marketing Focused) This was an opinion piece I wrote a few years ago that was published in Storage Newsletter, the original article talked about why start-ups fail and provided a long list of those no longer in business - this was my response. This is interesting for me as I spent many years as an analyst, trying to help many of the companies on the list be successful and so I could comment away on what makes a company fail ... but we have to talk about what makes one succeed. So rather than just saying - don't do the typical…

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What Is Strategic Marketing?

What is Strategic Marketing?

I have been in sales and marketing my entire career, and while I was the CEO of a VC funded software company for the last 5 years I feel my primary expertise is in strategic marketing. Having been in both sales and marketing, I can attest to the fact that marketing teams very often get dismissed by sales as not providing much value, particularly in larger organizations. The problem is, most sales people generally interact with the marketing communications (Mar-com) teams, who are really just the messengers. Mar-com teams rarely create the messages and collateral being delivered, and definitely do…

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