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Competitive Positioning

“Why should I buy your product?”
Every customer will ask that question somewhere in the sales cycle.

In today’s competitive marketplace the answer must go far beyond a list of features and functionality, the customer not only needs to understand what the benefits of a product are, but also why that solution is far superior to anything being offered by the competition.

Is your team ready to answer? Are your competitive differentiators and messages compelling enough to convince the customer to buy?

  • Are they unique, or can your competitors claim similar features and services?
  • Can you back them up with numbers and not just vague statements of “strengths”?
  • Do they hit the target customers emotional “buy” triggers?
  • Have the competitive value propositions been validated by customers?

Lack of compelling competitive messaging can diminish the perceived value of your offerings to customers, causing your sales team to compete on price or worse lose the deal altogether.

GTM Insights offers Competitive Messaging Services to help organizations more effectively identify, quantify and message competitive advantages. We work with your team and survey your customers to review the state of the competitive landscape, identify unique competitive advantages and create messages that speak to the customers’ “why.” Services include:

  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Identifying Competitive Advantage Workshops
  • Creating Compelling Competitive Messages
  • Customer Validation of Competitive Advantages

Win the deal and maintain margins with persuasive and captivating competitive messaging.

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