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Sales Enablement

Effective sales execution requires the sales team is armed with tools that convey a compelling value proposition convincing customers to move ahead through each phase of the sales cycle.

GTM Insights provides multiple sales enablement solutions for:


Avoid going through the whole sales process only to find there was never management buy in for a purchase.

  • Cold Call Scripting:  You have approximately 2 minutes of someone’s time; grab attention by focusing on the benefits to the customer.
  • Qualifying Questions:  We work with your team to define poignant questions that will uncover the contacts’ issues, management structure and organizational mandates that determine not only if the contact has a need, but if the organization will purchase in the long run.


Persuasive Presentations:
Brevity is key. Conveying value is essential. Using one presentation throughout the sales cycle doesn’t make sense. Creating compelling presentations for each phase of the sales cycle is our forte.

  • Initial Qualifying Phase: Focus on convincing the customer they should care about your company & products. Short and sweet, should be delivered in less than 10 minutes.
  • Qualifying Phase: Considered the “traditional” customer presentation, modified to ensure every mention of a product feature has a correlating benefit, or “so what” message.  We make the presentation about their needs, not your product.
  • Evaluation Phase: Given before kicking off the POC/evaluation. The focus is on reminding the customer of key product benefits and what features will provide benefit and address their needs. 
  • Closing Phase: Empower the customer to drive a purchase through their organization with a closing presentation that outlines need, proves benefits and demonstrates ROI. While each customer situation is different, GTM Insights can provide the framework for persuasive closing presentations.

RFP Response & Review:
A request for proposal often implies there is a good deal of revenue at stake, yet too often sales responds with standard answers that aren’t tailored to the customer’s needs. Taking time to customize response to RFPs often means the difference between winning or losing the deal. GTM Insights offers the following RFP services:

  • Competitive Evaluation: Scrutinize the RFP with your sales team to determine if the request is competitively biased and determine strategy for response.
  • RFP Response: RFP responses can be very time consuming. Tell us about your product, we’ll do the rest.
  • RFP Review: Let us tell you if your team has made a compelling argument for being the vendor of choice.
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