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Strategic Planning and Analysis

Strategic Marketing is essential to redefining the perception of value.

Strategic Marketing starts way before the customer is contacted, it starts when an organization understands the needs of the target market and creates a credible, compelling value proposition that resonates with the customer.

The most effective way to create a winning Strategic Marketing Plan is to start with a deep look at the business objectives and market landscape. GTM Insights collaborates with management teams, analyzing business goals, operational realities and market opportunities. The results drive the blueprint for future targeted marketing activity and messaging.  

We work with your team to refine and focus the message to compel customers to buy.

Through a 2-3 day consultative session with your team, we will review all facets of the market landscape and business goals that impact your organizations success including:

  • Business Goals and Marketing Alignment Evaluation
  • Market Landscape and Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • Product Strategy and Roadmap Review
  • Channel and Sales Execution Appraisals

The goal is to ensure everyone across the team including executive management, product management, sales and marketing agree on target market, core value proposition and company/product benefits. GTM Insights will then re-purpose positioning, messaging and core value statements.

The results: Focused positioning and compelling value propositions for each target market that redefine customers' perception of the company, its products and benefits.

Deliverables include:

  • Market segmentation & profiles
  • Target customer segmentation & profiles
  • Product/Company positioning statements
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Differentiating requirements & roadmap recommendations
  • Pricing landscape and recommendations
  • Summary analysis of opportunity
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